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Cuti-Cuti Kinabalu (Part 3 : The Food)

Eating around in KK was such a pleasure and as usual, food-hunting has been my past time in every trip I go. I believe many of us know about something called, fried bananas aka pisang goreng. BUT I found one called Sanggar Keju which no one can resist! I found it one of the shops opposite 1Borneo. It’s a corner lot, facing some colleges. But I couldn’t recall the name of the shop. My bad. Sanggar Keju is basically fried bananas, covered with syrup and shredded cheese. OMG! Must try! Such a sinful breakfast we had. But who cares?! Hahaha!


At the same shop, I had Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah. It was so-so only lah.Image

At night we hunted our dinner around the Pasar Malam Sinsuran Kota Kinabalu, which is located near the Philippino Market and Waterfront area. We had so many food to prey on! Look at that huge cuttlefish! Is that a giant or what?!Image

Also look at the baby lobsters and mother prawns.Image

This plate costs RM10 only for 7 prawns…Image

And they sell them life too!Image

Grilled fish everywhere!Image

Camwhoring while waiting for our grilled sotong…Image

They have these too! Try guess what are they!Image

Time to makan! Murtabak sayur… Nothing to shout about. Image

And here, you have our grilled baby sotong…Image

This was the spot of the pasar malam in the morning… it’s located just by the sea side. It’s actually some fishermen’s wharf or something like that…Image

Running the Borneo International Marathon also exposed us to this cozy restaurant called Little Italy. We were given some vouchers for their set lunch menu. Knowing little of this Little Italy, we asked the waiter to recommend us some food. And they were good! Their topnotch services were exceptionally marvellous. The waiter was genuinely patient in explaining some dishes I asked about. Keep up the good work!Image

We had this tomato sauce pasta which was gastronomically a bomb! And also, its salmon pizza which was a bit on the salty side but the waiter actually warned us about it before we confirmed the order.Image

Did we have a feast or what? Their set menus include garlic bread and drinks/soup.Image


Our cute proboscis monkey camwhoring with our cup of cappuccino and ice lemon tea.

2 thoughts on “Cuti-Cuti Kinabalu (Part 3 : The Food)”

  1. just to let you know…the shop’S name for sanggar keju is UMMI AISAH….PLS COME AGAIN…THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT COMMENT…WE REALLY APPRECIATED….THANKS AGAIN


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