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Larian Hijau MPSP : I Conquered Seberang Perai

My third half marathon this year. First, I did Bukit Jalil. Then, Kota Kinabalu and now, Seberang Perai. (Hmmm… now only I noticed all the names have 2 syllabus). It was quite tough this round compared to KK. Not sure why. I was physically worn out especially the legs. There was also a stretch of route which is heavily contaminated with rubbish smell. As we started early in the morning, some locations were poorly litted due to no street light. This is another part of Malaysia which need urgent attention.

I finished my 21 km in 2:23. Not my PB though.


The medal is as big as our old 50 sen coin, I liked it as it is something different.


Running with my new colourful Tackonz buttons.

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