Finding Your Tutor or Students Online

When I was in my primary school time, I used to go for tuition classes with a teacher near my house. She is such a great teacher that with her lessons, I got the first placing in my class for 5 consecutive years. I take this opportunity to thank Teacher Chong Mee Yue for her dedication and effort.

During my secondary school time, I went to classes in tuition centres around Pudu area. Not that they are not good. It is just that attending a big group tuition class is very much different from being taught by a teacher on one-to-one basis. You get a lot more attention when you are being taught in a small group.

After my Degree, I worked part time as a tuition teacher for almost 2 years, tutoring students of Form 3 and Form 5. I taught Bahasa Malaysia, English, Geography, History and Science.  Eventually, I stopped tutoring because I did not have enough time as my workload increased.


Everything is going online nowadays. If you are a student looking for a tuition teacher OR a teacher looking for a student, fret not. I came across this website which has a pool of data of tutors and students, ready and standing by to serve you.


The great thing about this website is that you can actually choose your tutor from the neighborhood nearby. For instance, if you are staying in Puchong, just click on the link or do a search. Then the whole list of tutors in Puchong will appear. On the other hand, if you are a teacher looking for students in that area, the same thing, just do a search and the whole list of students in Puchong will be displayed.


This website is not only limited to Klang Valley. I am impressed that their database is extended to further areas like Rawang, Kuching, Semenyih, Nilai, Ipoh, Penang and even as far as Singapore! I believe this would help parents and students who are searching for tuition teachers who are located near them. Saving time and more cost effective.



I would definitely recommend this website to all my friends with children who need a tutor. It is simple and easy. Bookmark this page, have you?

Also, don’t miss out their blog.

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