Finding Part Time Job Online is Easier Now


Do you still remember the tuition website I reviewed previously? Click on the link to read about it.

The owner has created another new website, http://www.joblogy.com to help those who are looking for part time work. You can login to the page using your Facebook account.


On the front page of the website, there is a round big cute one-eyed monster logo above the search engine. You can actually choose to do a voice search too by activating the “microphone” icon. (BTW, I do not know why is the monster there?)

You may try to search your preferred job using its search engine. For example, I search the word, “marketing” and the list of jobs related shows on the next page like this :


On this page, they include the types of job like Part Time, Full Time or Internship. Once you click the “View” button, all the job descriptions, requirements and contact details will pop up as follow :


For their updates, follow them via Google+ or Facebook.

The website is still very fresh and new. A lot of improvement can be made especially to expand a bigger pool of job database and a more mature feel and look to the website. Perhaps, this could be a website targeted to fresh grads or younger adults who are looking for their first job. Else, this is not appealing to more mature working adults.

Joblogy also include a feature which I find quite interesting. Click on the “Friends+Jobs” tab and you can check whether you have any friends (in your FB page) who are working or worked with the companies listed. I found some of mine! 🙂


By the way, they are also looking for tutors for home tuition in Puchong. Click the link if you are interested.

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