FREE Movie again! – Unbeatable 激戰


Hurray!!! Won 2 FREE movie tickets (this time from KLIPS). The movie is 激戰 (Unbeatable). The step to win this movie was simple. Just share a link from KLIPS on my Facebook and Twitter. And done!

I have been eyeing on this movie for quite some time. After the young Malaysian actress, Crystal Lee 李馨巧 won the Best Actress award and Nick Cheung 張家輝 won Best Actor award in the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival last June.

Such a great honour for being able to be in the movie premier.

I don’t think I want to share with you about what this movie is about. But let me share my feelings after watching it. This movie is definitely worth your money. Not only you can see the dedication of each main actors, namely Nick, Crystal and Eddie Peng 彭於晏, you can also see what Mixed Martial Art (MMA) is all about!


Being someone who has been involved in working out; gym, COBC bootcamp and MetCon X, I could really feel the intensity and pain both the two main actors have gone through prior shooting. OMG! Every part of the body. Every muscle is screaming in pain… every minute, every second. But the outcome is what we can witness in the movie. Toned, abs, chest, arms, legs, muscles. (Suddenly, Eddie Peng became my motivation).

Found some clips on Youtube. Let’s watch the clips below. Don’t forget to watch the movie in the cinema fast. You won’t regret.

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