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Shopping with Zalora is Easy

It was New Year day and I was at a mall hunting for a pair of shoes for work. Mission failed! They are either too expensive or out of size. I went home empty handed. But my wife bought hers.

Not giving up, I went shopping online. I started googling and FB-ing. Then I saw Zalora’s ad at a corner of my FB page. Clicked on it and browsed. La la la… (happily browsing) and found out that they are giving 15% off on selected items. Narrowed my options to these and ta-daa… I found a pair which only cost RM44.00 before less. Masuk dalam shopping cart terus!

Free shipping for purchase more than RM75. Tempting… continued shopping for shirts since it’s about time to refresh my wardrobe. Masuk satu lagi baju dalam shopping cart. Great! Cukup quota.

Checked out and made payment. Senang je beli online.

Shop > Pay > Wait > Wear

Better than going out to the mall. Jimat parking, petrol, energy and other extra expenses like food while you are in the mall.

My parcel reached me on 3 January. Within 2 days, dah receive my order. Kan senang… life is easy with online shopping!!! Thanks Zalora 

Perhaps, that’s also why I am in this business. I want to make your life easy too  🙂




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