Unwind and Relax @ Chiang Mai (Day 4) – Final

The second last day in Chiang Mai and we had a full free day for ourselves! Art in Paradise was really a must-go spot when you are in Chiang Mai. Similar to the 3D art museum in Korea or anywhere else, but this one is simple awesome! Enjoy the pictures below. We’ve have a great time trying to capture the best snap from various angles and shot. Really really worth the time. We had good laugh too!

chiangmai_dixon (87)

At the grand entrance… This building just next to Shangri la Hotel. Not difficult to find…

chiangmai_dixon (88)

 Before entering, there was this one as a warm up…

chiangmai_dixon (89)

And this one too. Two little minions… And then we had the water and sea creatures…


chiangmai_dixon (90)

chiangmai_dixon (91)

chiangmai_dixon (92)

chiangmai_dixon (93)

Kissing the polar bear..

chiangmai_dixon (94)

chiangmai_dixon (95)

Attacked by the tiger… and admiring the amazing African elephants…


chiangmai_dixon (96)

chiangmai_dixon (97)

Feeding the giant panda…

chiangmai_dixon (98)

chiangmai_dixon (99)

Crossing a broken bridge at a waterfall…



Ada hujan ke?

chiangmai_dixon (100)

Someone is floating while someone is hanging on the wall… Hahaha!


chiangmai_dixon (101)

Some light effects in the darkness…

chiangmai_dixon (102)


The magic mirror… Quite scary though…

chiangmai_dixon (103)

chiangmai_dixon (104)

Running away from the mummy…

chiangmai_dixon (105)

Angel with wings…

chiangmai_dixon (106)

Hiding behind the wall from T-rex!

chiangmai_dixon (107)

That’s a gigantic butt!

chiangmai_dixon (109)
Being featured on the National Geographic cover! Feeling honoured…

This trip to Chiang Mai was really an enjoyable one and I shall cherish every moment we’ve spent together as a family, especially now that the earthquake has affected a few places we’ve touched during the trip. This is how fragile life is and every moment is gold. Hope to have more family trips in the coming years…

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