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Certified as an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Ever since I became a Personal Trainer cum CrossFit coach, I have always wanted to venture into the nutrition part of fitness. I like cooking. I like eating. I love to learn about how to eat healthier, how to choose your food wiser and everything about eating clean and healthy.

In fact, I have always used myself as a lab rat to test different kinds of diet plans, like the Paleo Diet, the previous 8-week challenge diet, the Nutrition Precision diet and etc. I enjoyed preparing the food and also surrendering myself to these plans, in order to achieve my target.

Signing up the certification with ACE was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. Studying for a almost one month and completing two online quizzes had brought me this certification and I am really glad that I have gained a lot of new knowledge from it.

Nonetheless, this does not mean I am a genius. To me, learning never ends. I promised myself to keep absorbing new knowledge and refreshing old ones, with one mission which is to help others.

* Also, if only I have a chance to start up a food business, that would be awesome too! I think I shall start planning already. Any investors? 🙂

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