Simple Dimple Shield Papa Bag

Here’s a great one for all fathers and guardians of “little big bosses” (babies and kids), especially those who wanna look cool and hipster-ish with a baby.

I find this Shield Papa Bag the most suitable one to use whenever I have to carry my uncle’s duty; to bring my niece’s essentials and needs, especially when we go out. It’s very light, durable and convenient as it can store so many items in it.

It is separated into 2⃣ compartments: a baby’s compartment to store baby’s stuff like diapers, milk powder, bottles, extra clothings etc, and a parent’s compartment for my own stuff, including a laptop!

This 15-pocket bag is light weight, anti-scratch & anti-shock and water resistant. It can also be hang on a stroller with the straps at the top part. The best part is, it has a changing mat included, for diaper change when needed.

For more info about this bag, check out @simpledimple.neogeo or

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