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Singing Bowl Therapy Relaxes the Body and Soul – Now in Pavilion KL

Singing bowl therapy, a kind of sound therapy is well-known for its powerful healing and relaxation effects. Each vibration realigns our body functions back to its optimum level. It is somehow a kind of meditation too, where our mind becomes clearer, relaxed and mindful after each session.

I am glad that I had a treatment session with Michelle from @bmicnailspasalon, located in the Beauty Hall, Level 7, #PavilionKL. Michelle is a certified singing bowl therapist.

The 1-hour plus session has given me an opportunity to feel completely relaxed. As I have been working long hours sitting, I do have some discomfort at my upper and lower back. After the treatment, I can feel that the muscle tension loosen and becomes less tight.

Michelle is really professional at her work as she tries to find out what kind of problem I had before starting the treatment so that she knows where to put more focus on.

So if you’re facing issues like lack of sleep/rest, tight muscles, indigestion, or other issues, I would suggest to inform Michelle first so that she knows where to focus on during the treatment.

After my treatment, I did feel very thirsty and urge to go to the toilet as I needed to flush out toxins from my body system. Isn’t that amazing how singing bowl therapy works?

bmic Nail Spa Salon is also a place for manicure-pedicure services for ladies and men who groom. I am looking forward to my next appointment here with Michelle soon. I am going to try their mani-pedi service. And that would be my first ever šŸ˜‰

For more info, check outĀ @bmicnailspasalonĀ and PM them for an appointment.

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