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Bega Cheese, My Favourite Wholesome Breakfast Choice for the Family

It’s breakfast time! 🥰

I made some wholesome breakfast for the family with @bega.malaysia cheese. My favourite is Bega Super Slims as I am watching my weight lately. Other family’s favourites are Bega Cheddar Slices and Bega Tatura Salted Butter. Both are great to eat with bread, croissants and crackers. Of course, we enjoyed these with some fresh fruits and coffee. Delicious!

I choose dairy products from Bega, an Australian brand because they offer a wide range of nutritional and high quality cheese and butter since 1899, as well as dairy products suitable for baking and cooking too. Their products are also manufactured to stringent specifications using internationally accredited manufacturing facilities. I also admire their continual effort in product innovation and investing in new recipe development and food solutions. 

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