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Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 – Towards A Sustainable Future

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to play a small role in this meaningful event Cyber Eco Hunt 2022 by @alamflorasdnbhd with the theme “Towards A Sustainable Future” in Kuantan, Pahang.

The event aims to show commitment by Kumpulan Alam Flora and their continuous effort to reduce 40% recyclable wastage sent to disposal sites towards 2025. I had so much fun with the other participants who are also fellow bloggers and influencers in all the activities in each checkpoints.

The event was officiated by Dato’ Mohd Zain Hassan, CEO of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, and also attended by Tuan Sharudin bin Hamid, Director of SWCorp Pahang.

There are a few points that I have learned from this activities:
1⃣ Dispose garden wastage like tree branches and bamboos the proper way, so that it is safe for Alam Flora staff during rubbish collection.

2⃣ “Beach comber” is used to clean up the beach around Teluk Cempedak, which removes rubbish like cigarette butts, plastic bottles and cans from the sandy beach.

3⃣ Segregate recycleables into 3 main categories – paper, plastic and others, and sell them to any Buy Back Centre or 3R on wheels. Earn when you recycle.

4⃣ 1 Supervisor 1 Transformation Area (1S1T) program, an initiative by supervisors of Alam Flora to improve the surroundings of their servicing area, an effort giving back to the community. They beautify the area, build playground and garden, make and paint sculptures with recycled rubber tyres and many more.

5⃣ Dining with tiffin containers to avoid using ‘single-use plastic’, is a more environmental-friendly way to pack food. Also, avoid food wastage can help to reduce methane gas which contribute to global warming.

6⃣ Plant more trees to make the Earth greener.

I was lucky enough to win a prize for one of the tasks we had to do throughout the event – Saya Sayang Bumi, Tree Planting (Blogger category). Very grateful to my team mates and glad to know other fellow blogger and influencer friends with the same passion and interest.

You can also be a part of this effort and join Alam Flora’s “Manage My Waste” TikTok Vlog Contest. Head over to @alamflorasdnbhd or this click this link for more information.

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