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International Roaming from As Low As RM5/day with Yoodo’s ROAM LIKE HOME

Did you know Yoodo is Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service that is powered by Celcom, Malaysia’s widest 4G LTE network. Basically users can come up with 2 million combinations of DATA, VOICE MINS and SMS based on their own needs and can ADD-ON data packets to suit their lifestyle. It’s the only telco with CUSTOMISABLE UNLIMITED plans! Paling best is users are not tied up with any contract and can renew their mobile data plan ANYTIME.

On 4 July 2022, I was invited to attend an online briefing – Yoodo Travel Blogger Briefing Session and am really attracted with what Yoodo is offering to us now – ROAM LIKE HOME – extremely beneficial to frequent travellers and those who will be travelling overseas soon!

With the ROAM LIKE HOME package, you get full access to your Data, Voice and SMS at a flat daily rate from as low as RM5/day! This international roaming service that lets you enjoy the same local experience while you’re travelling is available to 53 different countries. The best part is NO SIM card needed. So you’ll never lose your SIM ever again.

So you must be asking, what’s so great about the ROAM LIKE HOME package? Check out the benefits of getting a Yoodo’s ROAM LIKE HOME compared to bringing a pocket wifi or travel SIM below:

Instant connectionYou’re responsible for another device (one more thing you need to
Sourcing out an overseas prepaid
SIM can be painful.
Flat daily rate from RM5/dayHave to be within the range of the
device to stay connected.
Switch out and register an all new
SIM card.
Retain your local number, so you can always receive phone calls and SMS.Data is usually throttled after hitting
your limit.
You’ll miss out on important alerts
via SMS or calls on your local
Use your local Yoodo plan overseas.Data pricing is different depending
on your location. High chance of it
fluctuating too.
No bill shocks!

How to subscribe to Yoodo’s ROAM LIKE HOME package?
Just purchase it via the dashboard on the Yoodo app. It only costs you RM5, RM10 or RM20 per day depending on the country zone you are visiting.

Extra Perks for Being A Yoodo User
Another perk of being a Yoodo user is you get extra Cashbacks via ShopBack app when you purchase your trip necessities like hotel packages and flight from, Agoda, KLOOK and New Shopback users also get a RM10 Sign Up Bonus! For more information visit:

Yoodo’s Referral Programme
There’s also another perk only for Yoodo users! You stand a chance to win a trip to Seoul, Bangkok or glamping in Malaysia when you refer your family and friends to join Yoodo’s big family! All you need to do is to “Invite Friends” on Yoodo’s app and get them to sign up with your unique referral code. Not only that, your friend whom you’ve invited gets a guaranteed staycation* in Malaysia for 2 pax and will also join in the running to win the trip prizes! Just make sure that they spend a minimum of RM30 on their plans and stay on for at least 31 days. Isn’t that interesting?

For more information about Yoodo, the ROAM LIKE HOME, and all the perks they are offering, visit:

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