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Han’ei Kaya – A Japanese Izakaya Restaurant That Serves Japanese Dishes and Premium Drinks

If you like Japanese food, you’ll never want to miss this one. Han’ei Kaya is a non-halal Japanese Izakaya restaurant that serves a wide variety of Japanese dishes and premium drinks, located in Plaza Arkadia.

That day, I went to @haneikaya with my buddies and I find the environment here gives me the “exclusive” feel. The interior design exudes a rich Japanese mood and feel that remind me a lot of Japan. Dining here makes me feel like I were in Japan. Furthermore, it’s got several private rooms to cater private or business functions. Very suitable for big group gatherings.

Han’ei Kaya just introduced some new items to its menu like:
▪️ Unagi cheese roll
▪️ Salmon fantasy roll
▪️ Tskune
▪️ Buta grill with garlic sauce
▪️ Buta grill with spicy miso sauce
▪️ Buta grill with pineapple
▪️ Smoke duck with pineapple
▪️ Grill baby scallop with mentai sauce
▪️ Grill fresh oyster
▪️ Cornflake ebi tempura
▪️ Kinoko teppanyaki
▪️ Beef saikoro teppanyaki

I see my friends really enjoyed their buta (pork) grills while I couldn’t stop appreciating the other pork-free options. They do have quite a number of seafood, chicken, vegetable and mushroom selections too.

If you’re game for some authentic Japanese food and drinks, head over to @haneikaya

📍Han’ei Kaya [non-halal]
A-G-7, Plaza Arkadia,
Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur

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