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“Ride On” Movie Review: Jackie Chan Pays Homage to Kung Fu Stuntmen

Thanks to a giveaway hosted by fellow influencer Kiflimally, I was able to win two tickets to the premiere screening of Ride On at Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL on April 7th, 2023. Jackie Chan plays Luo Zhilong, a forgotten and ageing stuntman caught up in a custody battle over his beloved stunt horse. The film, directed by Larry Yang Zi, pays homage to Chinese film history and the contributions of kung fu stuntmen.

While Chan co-leads the story with Chinese actress Liu Haocun 刘浩存 and actor Guo Qilin 郭麒麟, his equine co-star, Red Hare 赤兔, steals the show with an emotional connection to Chan’s character. Some notable stars like Andy On 安志杰, Joey Yung 容祖儿, Wu Jing 吴京, Stanley Tong 唐季礼, Ray Lui 吕良伟, and Aarif Rahman 李治廷 play supporting and cameo roles.

Unlike Chan’s usual action-packed dramas, Ride On is a film that touches the heart, with satisfying fight scenes complemented with genuine emotional moments. I was surprised by how much I cried throughout the movie, especially during the scenes with Red Hare and Chan’s character. Both of them connected and expressed their emotions so well.

Happy 69th Birthday to Jackie Chan

Overall, the Ride On premiere was a memorable event, especially given that it occurred on Jackie Chan’s 69th birthday. Fans of Chan and Chinese film history, as well as anyone looking for a touching and heartwarming story, should see this film.

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