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World’s First Coffee Shoes for a Sustainable Lifestyle – XpreSole Cody

Here’s something very interesting I’d like to share with you.

It’s XpreSole Cody. Can you believe that these are the world’s first coffee shoes?

When I received the package, I could already smell the pleasant hint of coffee aroma greeting me. Did you know that 5 cups of recycled coffee grounds make a pair of these? Talk about sustainable lifestyle.

So what’s so great about this pair of coffee shoes, you asked. Let me tell you about it.

First of all, it is water repellent. The upper sole is coated with nano-graded polymer that makes it water- and dirt-proof. Second, it has UV-protection – The coffee yarn has microscopic holes that reflect UV rays soundly. So your feet are kept safe from harmful UVs under the sun.

Next, it has strong grip! It is safer to walk in these on steep surfaces and wet floors. Lastly, it’s ultra-light and highly resilient. It gets back into its original shape easily after repeatedly bending it. It’s that durable!

In fact, I have worn it several times. My feet feel comfortable wearing it with the solid grip on the ground and soft sole that wraps around my feet. The feet do not feel fatigued after walking for a long distance, which usually happens to me with other shoes that I wear. 

Check out on their Instagram and website for more information. 

Click the link below to shop now:

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