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Looks do matter!

Have been thinking of my own look. Well, I’ve noticed that my look is the same like when I was in Standard 6! Can u imagine? What I meant was the features, hair style, face shape, fashion sense and everything. All the same boring old me! How can a person stay the same for sooo long? I mean, how can I have no improvement? The worst is that whatever I changed my hairstyle, someone will ask, why and all kind of questions… Sometimes I dare not change a lot because I do not want  to be bugged all the time. Actually I feel bored whenever I look in the mirror. Can’t I have at least a fairer complexion? Lesser pimples? Lesser blackheads? Smaller pores? Softer skin texture? What happen? A lot of the time I envy my friends for having better looks and skin than me. I feel embarassed all the time and this really lower my self confidence. Oh no?! What I am talking here? I don’t know… Guess I’ve been boring with my own self. Should I shoot myself? Haha…!

3 thoughts on “Looks do matter!”

  1. what remind you of your looking for so long a time? hehe. Would you feel better if you change your fair style?I have hardly any change from 10 to now. That means that we are yang forever. hehe


  2. I just feel boring about my hair style.. haha… coz I could see a lot of changes to my frens and I feel like changing also! 🙂


  3. I\’m not agree on what you said. you have change alot on yourself you just not realize. just compare on you own photo from one year to one year just at Uni is enough. your hair style have change. dun you remember?


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