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Sharing my weekend!

Today is Monday. I would like to share my last weekend here. Let’s start on Saturday. In the morning, I fetched my sister to UTAR to register her course. Well, it went smoothly there. Just that she didn’t really like to be in a non-government University. She’s been expecting to enter local Uni all the while and suddenly when the result got out, she din’t got a place and she felt lost. But she did recover from that after a while. But yet, she’s still hoping to get in after the appeal. The result for the appeal will be on 11 July (according to her friend). I hope she’s happy in whatever the result is and she can focus on her studies whenever she is. Then I went to change the two front tyres of my car and had the alignment readjusted.Total cost: RM270!!!  After that, guess what?! The car started to give problem… The steel that supports the left tyre rotten and broke. I’m not sure what is the real name for that part of the car. So, now, the car is not usable. My father will help to get it repaired soon. I hope it won’t cost a lot! Sigh*
In the afternoon, I went to meet my friends to celebrate her birthday which is suppose to fall on next Saturday. Well, we had good chat there. It’s fun meeting back your old friends. Later I had to go to a book store to get books for my tuition students. And there, I met a "female human-acting animal". I was standing at the PMR books rack and there was a yellow coloured bag nearby. But I just did my stuff which was to browse for my PMR students’ books. I stood there while looking for books. Suddenly, I female with her handphone stuck in her mouth yelled "Excuse me!" to me and I was like blurred. She then picked up her bag and walked away. After PMR, I went to SPM books rack. Guess what?! The female which owns the bag was there as well. I thought there shouldn’t be anything if I stand there and look for the books I want. So, I took a book from the lowest shelf and of course I could see a familiar looking yellowed bag blocking my way to take the books I wanted. But being polite, I didn’t move the bag. Instead, I just grabbed my book and browse the pages. She’s still on the phone talking to Richard. (I doubt that’s her male companion!) Then suddenly, she hung up her phone and yelled at me again! "Excuse me! That’s my bag." And I was like, "Hello, who cares about your bag?" I said back to her,"I was trying to get a book there and I din’t touch your bag!". She then grinned and talked back to the phone and started to talk. From her conversation, I could retrieve some information about herself. She’s a UK-based female who got posted in Malaysia and will work here for a some time. She also said a lot of negative views  about Malaysians. "It’s totally different Singapore and UK!" and "If they want to be stupid, you can’t expect them to be smart!" These words came out from the mouth of that animal! (Clue: a female dog). I was sooo pissed off. But I continued to stand beside her. More and more people came next to her as the students were looking for their  revision books. And she’s trying to get a LITERATURE book which was featured on the newspaper in the SPM bookshelves! How smart?! She then walked away. Or should I say crawled away… I hate these kind of people. If you’re from another country, try to adapt the local environment to survive. You can’t expect the whole country to follow the only one’s culture! Well, we all know no mater how smart an animal is, they are like… this smart! So, forget it!
At night, I had a great time with my primary school mates (officially called PRIMATZ!) A friend celebrated his birthday in Klang and treated us seafood. Later on we went to sing k in Red Box Sunway, my first time there. I enjoyed myself there. I sang a few songs and the best song I had was Fish Leong’s Jie Shou. Real good song. Then he fetched us back around 2am!
The next day, I woke up and sat/laid/stood in front of the tv the whole day and did nothing. I wanted to go online but my father was stuck to the pc 24 hours, so I could only blog now… at last…!

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  1. thank you for introduces this site to me. i feel funny that you said about that female animal haha! first time that I haer you complaint on people, and can "melete" for so long… haha!ya wanna ask you how you do the decoratetion, I have try it on edit profile, chage colour but look like not success


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