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Lucky me…

 Feeling tired after sitting in front of the PC for the whole day. Actually my job currently is to design and develop two students courseware for my practicum project. Started last three months ago and will end this month. My lecturer from UUM will come to my practicum place on 29 July (due to changes). I’ve really learned a lot here. I’ve learn to write and manipulate ActionScript in Flash and I’ve learn to have more colour sense and creativity. There’s a person I would like to thank. He’s Mr Liew. He’s helped me a lot. Not only he guided me throughout my internship, I also gives me personal advice and guide. I’m very lucky to have him as a guardian angel in a part of my life.
Frnakly saying, I’ve been extremely lucky in my life all this while. I’ve gone through a very smooth journey throughout… although there are some unexpected surprises and obstacles a lot the journey, I’ve built up character and confidence along my life. It’s been 23 years and on going…
One should learn to appreaciate themselves and also everyone around them. They are the ones who have taught them ways to live. Without anyone, one will always stay in a nutshell. Katak di bawah tempurung.
I  think I need to list down a few Guardian Angels who has appeared in my life so far…
My mother, father, 2 sisters, my grandmother (when I was small. She’s now 60+), Mr Liew (in practicum), En Anizam, Prof Madya Dan (in UUM), my kaiche (the one and only closest elder ‘sister’. She’s now married with 2 kids), Chee Fah (for being the best friend of mine), Ip (for being the best secret-holder and buddy to me), Wai Loon (for exposing me to certain uncertainties when I was still in the cave), Felicia (in AIESEC. I used to be very much alone in this society. She’s like the light to me), Miss LimHY (my ex who had taught me a lot about love, life, growing up,  and etc), Siew Leng (my closest primatz and always will be. Always cheers me up whenever we meet), Chee Seng (for offering ourselves a chance to Shanghai!!!), Keller (for being the joy and fun in Shanghai) and last but not least, Mein (for being the light in the dark). Thank you to all. If i’ve left anyone, thousand apologize… I’ll add u up when I remember.
I am a real lucky chap I guess!

2 thoughts on “Lucky me…”

  1. most of yours is long too but I finish every one! thanks that you call me angel. I just a litterlitter one only…


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