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@%#^$& Format computer?!

I’ve been busy trying to finish my project in the lab this morning. Til just now I’ve finish almost everything, then a guy from this technical department came and said that he wanted to format the computer I’m using. So, I zip the file and save it into my pendrive. Guess what?! I zip the wrong file and saved it into the pendrive. I thought I’m already safe coz all my work in the drive. SUDDENLY when I check the drive in Mr Liew’s pc, I noticed that I’ve saved the worng file… OH NO!!! My work from the morning til noon is all gone… GONE LIKE THE WIND… I don’t feel angry or scared. Coz not much work I’ve done just now. I can redo it again later. But the problem is I dun remember how much work I have in the pendrive. I duno how latest are the work I have in my pendrive. All the pc now do not have Flash MX now. No one has the installer and I’m hanged  here… So I online.. and blog…
I feel so stupid and useless. I dun have a proper Flash installer coz I have pirated software and now, I duno how to continue my work… USELESS>>> STUPID>>> BODOH>>> BANGANG>>>  
So next time when u r doing comuter work/ project, save them in a few computers as backup… another moral of the story is.. DUN FORMAT COMPUTER DURING WORK TIME!!!

4 thoughts on “@%#^$& Format computer?!”

  1. poor "sha chu" how come you so careless! so do you need me bring the flash installer for you /not? what version you need? what can I help?


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