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The moral of the story…

After reading the article, The Darkest Hour, I feel it has a very strong impact on myself. I’ve learn a special thing to myself. I like the story very much because it gives me a positive message. Well, in the story we can see that both of the actors are very much in love. They are preparing to get married. BUT, the problem arise when the marriage hasnt even started! What are the problems which occurred? They are the relatives of Lisa, and also the unwillingness of the guy for enjoying the real purpose of marrige. Everyone knows that in marriage, the most important aspect should LOVE! In the story, the problem covered their love and hate blurred both of their views. Until Lisa fainted and got in to the hospital. This event suddenly cleared everything and the guy realized that he should not be so stubborn. He should have enjoy the moments of their marriage and let not anyone be sad or pressured. NOW, sit back and think… what if Lisa were ur beloved gf? What if she didn’t faint BUT died instead? What will happen if u lose her in that moment of time? I’m sure u will be very regretful! Cherish ur loved ones and do not let them suffer the negative impact alone… Take good care of her and share the burden. if u r ready to share her burden, she will do the same too! Mein, u r the love of my life. Do not let go of our love easily. Promise?

1 thought on “The moral of the story…”

  1. ya I\’m promise, I wounldn\’t easily let go our love and i promise I wounldn\’t let you solve every problem or face any burden alone. I\’ll share with you, ok?


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