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The Darkest Hour…

Ever tried staying up the whole night? You would find that the hour just before dawn is when you have to fight the hardest to stay awake.

"Forget it! No matter how many times we’ve talked about his, it still comes back to square one! How come you just don’t understand??!!" Lina’s voice thundered through the phone as the line went dead.

Another big fight. Sighing, Eric removed his hands-free kit and gritted his teeth in frustration.

Did he make a big mistake in proposing marriage? They had been so happy during the past four years of dating. he adored her and knew that she felt the same way about him. Yet, things haven’t been the same lately. The fights have increased and all he feels is anger, not love.

Ever since she said ‘yes’ to him and announced the news to her family, she has turned into a tyrannical dame who wanted her way in everything. The first fight they had was in deciding the date if the wedding. Although they both had agreed to have in deciding the date of the wedding. Although they both had agreed to have it six month later, her parents wanted to bring the date forward after seeking a feng-shui master.

He never knew she was superstitiuos. In fact, he was suddenly finding out more and more things about her which he was not sure he liked. For instance, he never knew she had such a close realtionship with her relatives.

As fas he was concerned, they were abunch of interesting souls who were making life more difficult for him. All he wanted was to have a simple garden reception but they insisted on a grand do as Lina was the eldest daughter in her family.

So now he was caught up in a whirlwind of preparations- making restaurant bookings, arranging dates for photography sessions, fittings with the bridal shop, sending invitations and buying new furniture. None of which was his idea, he fumed inside.

Lina was beginning to turn into a pain, with her domineering so much of his time. One day it would be to shop for bridal accessories, another day it would be to the florist. It would have been quite fun if she was not so cranky and irritable; kicking up a fuss when he was late and picking fights with him on small matters like who to invite for the dinner.

If this was the real her, then I must be crazy to marry into a life of misery, he mulled.

His phone rang again, snapping him out of his reverie. It was Lina’s sister, Linda. "Eric, could you come over quickly? Lina fainted at the bridal shop! We’re now at the hospital…" He swung his car around to the hospital Linda mentioned as beads of sweat broke out on his forehead.

At the hospital, he had to wait for a full hour before Lina was wheeled to the ward. Seeing his future wife so frail and unconscious was like having a knife stabbed into his heart. What was wrong with her? She seemed fine when they last argued on the phone. Did he say something that hurt her so badly?

 He took her hand and held it to his cheek. She had soft beautiful hands that were a stark contrast from his coarse dark ones. As he stroked her hair and forehead, he remembered the first time he set his eyes on her.

It was at a friend’s wedding and she had been the bridesmaid. He remembered wishing he was the bestman then, as she looked radiant in the simple white gown she wore. It was her laughter, confident and clear, that captivated him and he wished now to hear her laugh once more.

 Lina stirred as she regained consciousness. Giving a wan smile, she whispered softly, "I dreamt of you didn’t turn up during the wedding."

"Silly girl! Why would I do that?" Eric said tenderly.

"Are you sure you want to marry me, Eric? We seem to disagree on so many things…" he put a finger lightly in her lips as he suddenly realized that the prospect of marriage had probably pressured her more than he knew.

Guiltily he wiped away the tears that were starting to roll down her cheeks.

"We’ll work things out, darling. Just don’t worry too much, OK? The doctor said it was just stress. I am just as stressed by everything… but I promise everything will be fine when all of it is over," he said as he held her hand tightly in reaffirmation of his love.


(Courtesy of UrbanHealth July 2005 vol.7)

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  1. I have feel somethings….Although argument will make hurt on each other/ both, but it also can grown each other. People wounldn’t really understand if we just keep every things in minds, but the argument will happen when we try to stand on our own point.Are you try to tell some things?


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