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BoRiNg! @_@

It’s another boring day in BTP (my practicum place)… I have nothing to do except pretending to be busy… I have 2 more days to go! I did plan to not come to the office but I did not want to spoil my Uni’s name… so here I am!… Well, another thing is that my tuition classes. I am getting busier with it because I’ve got more classes now… AND whenever there’s a teacher who couldn’t make it, I’ll have to replace him/her… but lately when I tol the management that I couldn’t make it next week… they tend to make it a big problem… Come on, it’s only for a week… If only I own the tuition centre then I can make full command of my own classes… But anyway, I love teaching. It’s just that the management is not very flexible because of the availability of places and time…

1 thought on “BoRiNg! @_@”

  1. good teacher!"how lucky" your student can teacher by you!!???…. kambathere for ur tuition class ya. I\’ll always support in mentely!


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