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Haha!!! Today is the last day of my practicum… A mixed kind of feeling… I feel happy but at the same time, scared… After staying here for four months, I’ve got used to the place and environment and now, I have to go and adjust myself to another type of environment. I feel rather insecure… because the next job that I’ll be doing might be my job of a few years… OR I might end up finding another job. This could be very difficult to cope with. Well, no matter what, life has to go on. I guess everyone should have the same feelings and experience. But I’m thinking of doing another kind of way of living for myself. How great it is if I could wander around the world and do whatever I want to do… That should be very great…

1 thought on “LAST DAY!!!”

  1. I\’m Happy too for the lastday of my praticum. but I think I\’ll miss those staff there, after I\’m leave. I know those friends inpraticum will same like use , rite?


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