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My dearest Mein is coming

Mein is coming to KL to look for a job this weekend. I feel very happy about this but yet I feel hard. I think that she’s leaving her family/ hometown because of me! Well, I’m not sure if her parents are really ok about her leaving to KL but I know it must be hard for them to have her away from home again.
Mein’s a talented lady with enthusiasm and personallity. She knows her environment well and can adapt to it fast. She’s easy to be with and nice to talk to. I hope that she can find  job as soon as possible so that she can leave her problems aside. I know she’s rather uneasy nowadays because she’s not earning any income after her studies. I know she’s worried about herself and her family. If only I could have the ability to support her… But I will work for it! WE WILL WORK FOR IT!

1 thought on “My dearest Mein is coming”

  1. hoh~ mein is ur gf ah? so long never update myself with you edi. kinda lost =D hem, ya thum, i lost your number, i lost everybody\’s contacts on my phone. mind sending me again your number? and oso wong\’s? click on my nick then u can send me email. thanks yo~ =D


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