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Fooled by colleagues! Haha!

It was 5.oopm sharp. I saw the clock. I switched off the pc ank grabbed my bag. Said good bye to my colleagues and walked to the front door. Then, a colleague asked "Why are u going home so early? It’s only 4 o’clock?!" I was like.. "??!!" Blur… Then the rest of the colleagues laughed and ask the same question. I was some more blurred and started to think… "Am I too early to go?"
"Why are u going home so early? It’s only 4.05pm", said Miss Low, the most serious lady in the office…
I thought I read the clock wrongly just now. I smiled and took my handphone out and looked at the screen.
"WHY ARE U GUYS DOING THIS TO ME? HAHA!… " I laughed. It was rather embarassing… but I think it’s really funny at the end.
I smiled throughout the journey back home… It’s really funny…

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