Which “F.R.I.E.N.D” Am I?

THUM, you’ve got a little bit of Joey going on!

How you doin’? Your inner Joey Tribbiani wants to know. Like the real Joey, people can feel your presence and red-hot, sex appeal the minute you walk in the room. And your good intentions are never far behind (even if you do let a secret or two slip at the wrong moments). The point is, your honesty and sweet-natured charm can get you out of any situation because you always mean well.

Your hidden strength may just be your tenacity. Did Joey give up acting because Dr. Drake Ramoray was killed off the soap opera? Nope. And even after he failed as Al Pacino’s butt double he didn’t abandon his dreams. So keep that in mind, aim high, and keep being the friend that your friends love having around.

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