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Bad Saturday : Accident $%^$#^%@

I hate 060506!!! It’s a day which cause me to lose RM300!!! I’ve always been a good driver on the road but on this day, there’s this f*#king driver bang his car to the front of my 1.5 Wira. So ache…!!!
The story goes like this : I was driving in the whole morning and I could feel something bad will happen on that particular day but don’t know when will happen. And at this very moment, I was driving, wanting to go for lunch, on this "go stright or turn right" lane. And were stopped at the junction by the red traffic light. So, I stopped. When the light turned green, I drove straight, wanting to go to the other end of the road, suddenly I could feel a strong knock (bang) on the left side of my front-end of my car. I looked left and I saw another car (WAJA). THe first thing that came to my head was, "Oh no!!! My car!!!"
Both drivers parked aside to argue about whose fault was it. I came out of my car and I saw the front left side of my car got smashed and the light was broken. The other smaller light was left hanging. My heart ached… My car!!!
Argue argue argue… Suddenly a woman from the opponent side came to the arguement and yelled loudly at me… I got angry and I shouted at her : "YOU ARE SO RUDE! YOU ARE SOOO LOUD!!! I DON’T WANA TALK TO YOU!!!" The opponent calmed her down and asked her to get back in the car. I felt so angry and yet funny because the b**ch got scolded by me. Haha!!! He came back and signaled me with his left eyes to ignore his woman. Haha! Another funny point to remember.
Well, at the end of the arguement, I got tired and we both agreed to settle it personally, without going to the police station. I’m tired of shouting and arguing about who’s wrong and who’s not. So, I drove back without having my lunch.
I went home and called a taxi driver to ask about anyone who he knows who can help me to fix the car. he suggested someone near to where I stay. And I drove there straight to have my car fixed… The whole left side front part got changed and the light too! RM140 gone!
Spray paint another day – another RM140!!! Sob sob!

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