Siti Nurhaliza

Siti Nurhaliza : 10 years ago… 10 years after

I have been supporting Siti Nurhaliza since from the start as one of my favourite singer/artiste whom I admire. She’s got a REAL strong and powerful voice which manage to attract my ears to stick to it…BUT the topic that I would like to highlight now is the change that is noticeable from the first album cover (Siti Nurhaliza – Jerat Percintaan) and the latest album cover (TRANSKRIPSI). From a kampung girl to a pure DIVA!

1 thought on “Siti Nurhaliza : 10 years ago… 10 years after”

  1. i am here. just to let you know. i am wanxin.
    but my this spaces also kinda long didnt update-liao.
    maybe you can go to here.


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