Health & Wellness

Sleep Early – Wake Up Early

Do you know that during our sleep, our body is doing its work actively to maintain and repair its functions. There are different time frames for different functions.
9 pm – 11 pm
Time for eliminating unnecessary / toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes). We should spent the time realxing or listening to music. If you are still keeping yourself busy, this will bring negative impact to your body.
11 pm – 1 am
Detoxification process in the liver and it is the best time for deep sleep.
1 am – 3 am
Detoxification in the gall. Ideally done in a deep sleep state.
3 am – 5 am
Detoxification in the lungs. Sometimes you will find some cough sufferers coughing severely during this time.
5 am – 7 am
Detoxification in the colon. You should empty your bowel at this time.
7 am – 9 am
Absorption of nutrients in the small intestines. You should take your beakfast at this time. Therefore, you should not skip your breakfast.
Sleeping is always good for your health but please remember that sleeping at the appropriate time gives the best results. Let’s say if you’ve been awake for the whole night (watching the World Cup or clubbing or something else), you will NEVER get back what you’ve missed out if you’re sleeping. So we should all practice sleep early wake up early to have a better state of health.

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