Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow Fans Gathering in NEWAY!

Had a great time singing with Raymond, Alisse and Rie. They can really sing… like proffessionals! BTW, that was the first time I had the chance to sing so many Vivian’s congs at once! I think that was the best singing session I’ve ever had. Thanks to Raymond for arranging! Although the mic had some problem, but I’ve enjoyed myself with the true fans of Vivian Chow.

3 thoughts on “Vivian Chow Fans Gathering in NEWAY!”

  1. hi siewkeong;)
    finally u updated ur blog. wanted to sms u to update ur blog la. heehee
    btw, ive send you an invitation to ur hotmail email to read my blog check it out k. heehee…take care and happy working ya


  2. Long time didnt read ur blog d….seem like u have just update it recently……haha, sing vivian song…rupanya her song still available in those ktvbox


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