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The Art of Living with Another Human-being

It’s been almost a year I’ve been living with her. In this one year, I’ve learn a lot from the way we communicate between the two of us. I remember I was not what I am now. I used to be very impatient and tend to raise my voice frequently. Living with her has changed my thoughts & lifestyle. I’ve become a person with better understanding, more mature and have more patience. I’ve learn to treat her better and I’ve learn to love  her more.
Living with another human-being is an art. The art of life. To an artist, art is his life. The ‘artists’ must have their own imagination to paint his artwork, becoming a colourful and interesting masterpiece. Failing his artwork means failing his life!  At the end, he will end up with no life.
Everyone is an artist. He must paint his own artwork in order to create the best masterpiece.

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