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Tyre puncture…But I am not as frust as I AM suppose to be?!?

Yesterday I had a weird feeling the whole time I was driving… since morning til night. I could feel something will happen to the car anytime anywhere. But because I had to drive, therefore I bared with the feeling and trying my best to focus on the road.
Mein had to attend the annual dinner of her company in Holiday Villa Subang Jaya. Drove her there carefully and got myself home safely although there was a heavy jam all the way back home.
At night, I had to fetch her back from the hotel. It was 11:58PM when I reached the hotel and I called her a few times but she did not answer any of the calls. Perhaps she could not hear the ringing tone as it was too loud at the party. I stopped by a side to wait and called her again and again but she was not answering. Then, I saw a car behind me which signalled me to give way. I tried to drive myself to another point to wait for her but my tyre at the back on the right side moved up onto the roundabout divider and dropped while rolling forward as my car moved. I heard a loud "screeching" sound but I thought I was just the divider scratching the side of my car. I couldn’t care less. Then when I reached the front of the lobby, I stopped and I saw a security guard walking towards my car. I opened the door and looked back. My back tyre was FLAT!
My heart was pounding and heat got into me. I was frustrated thinking that I had to change a flat tyre in the middle of the night when I had to work tomorrow!!! Arrghhhh…!!! I called Mein a few times again but she did not answer. Drove myself to another point which is safer to change the tyre.
Called Mein again and at last she answered. Asked her to come out as soon as possible. Saw her and called her to look at the tyre. She immediately apologised. I couldn’t say more but to act as fast as I could to change the tyre. All I have in mind  is the amount I had to pay for the tyre. Another expense which may not incur if I were not there!
Acted calmly to change the tyre. Mein kept apologizing but I asked her not to because it was not her fault. All I want is to change the tyre quickly and to get out of the place. But weirdly, although it was my first time changing a flat tyre, I acted fast and acted as if I knew how to change it. I guess no one knew that that was my first time changing a flat tyre. Haha! Clever!
After finish changing the tyre, washed our hands and sped off. Mein felt bad because she kept on thinking that it was her fault causing the tyre burst because IF not because of her going to the dinner, I would not be there. IF not because of her not answering the phones, I might not have to wait & the tyre may not burst. What ever it is, it happened.
All I told her is that I feel lucky because the tyre burst in front of the hotel and not at the side of the road where cars are crossing by dangerously. I feel lucky that the tyre burst when Mein is able to be there to help and accompany me. I feel so grateful that it happened at the point of time and not any other time when I have no one to accompany with.
She cried in the car listening to my words… My eyes were tearful too… (even now!) Looking at the bright side, I kind of calmed myself and not making myself frustrated… which I think I AM supposed to be IF I do not have Mein. I thank her for being there with me during the bad time. Although it was not a good experience, I gained another lesson and I learned to love Mein more. I feel grateful. But as for the money, it has to go… 🙂 Hehehe…
I guess I’ve grown and mature in a way. And I hope I will grow to become an even better man.
P/S: Thinking back, the curse of having a bad feeling on the road the whole day broken.

2 thoughts on “Tyre puncture…But I am not as frust as I AM suppose to be?!?”

  1. hey so sweet that mein was there with you. i know how she felt. coz i felt the same way too when thomas\’ bike tyre was puncture. and worst still, it was in the middle of bayan lepas. have to push the bike. car is much better but not bike ma. but i am glad that i was here with him them…oops time to go for class now. will post more comment later. byebye..
    just me,


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