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Hello 2007!… So long 2006!

2-0-0-6… will be gone in another 15 hours… & it will NEVER come back. The whole year of 365 days, what have I achieve in 2006. Let me see… a car , an oversea trip to Singapore , a credit card, a gym membership, meeting Vivian Chow in-person, a new job …& driving BMW’s and whatever…
The most highly-noted, anticipated but yet devastating event was Siti’s wedding of the year She’s surely make thousands of her fans weeping…
In 2007, what am I looking forward to do…?! Hmmm… still in doubt. As I can only plan for the best to come, I surely hope that I can have a better future to stabilize my financial status. This is the most important part in my life now (of course apart from my lovely "pink pink bear"!!! )  Well, I’m sure you’ll know what I can do when I have stable financial status.
Pray hard!  
Happy New Year 2007!!!

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