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What a start for 2007!?

Since 2007 started, Mein & I have been facing 3 problems already.  Just wondering if this is a good year or not. Furthermore the Lunar year will be here tomorrow!
Let’s list down the problems we’ve faced so far…
1) Punctured tyre
Happened when I went to fetch Mein in Subang Holiday Villa from her annual dinner of her company. Had to change the tyre in the middle of the night. You can read further in my previous blog.
2) Mein’s handbag got snatched and hurt her head
Happened when Mein was walking to KLCC after our lunch on a Saturday afternoon (3 Feb 2007). The snatch thief was on his motorcycle and pull her handbag & a paper bag. She fell down on the road and had her head injured. Bleeding. I had to take EL in the middle of my work to send her to the hospital & the police station. I was so worried about her as the blood was flowing from her head to the neck and chest. The scene is still haunting me and scares me everytime I think back about that day. The "call" that she made to let me know that she was hurt and her bag got snatch is still fresh in my mind… What’s happened to Malaysians?!
3) Fake bus ticket purchase
Just yesterday, Mein prepared to go back to Penang. We went to Puduraya for the bus. Her tickets was for 11:00PM. But I waited with her until 11:30PM and I had to leave as the last LRT train service was about to end soon. I left her unattended in Puduraya alone waiting for the bus. I went home to refresh myself after working direct 6 days non-stop. I was tired and fell asleep. At about 3:00AM, Mein called and informed that the bus has not arrived yet and the tickets are actually fake ones! There are a whole big group of victims waiting in the bus station. There’s a couple with a new born baby waited from the night until the midnight! The scene is very saddening. I straight drove to Puduraya to join Mein. There are two men lodged report to LPKP/DBKL about this incident. Mein took down one of the contact number of the men. We went home and I napped as I was really tired and I need to work the next morning. Sent Mein back to Puduraya as the man told her that they managed to work out something with the LPKP/DBKL. Soon after I reached office, Mein told me that she got her payment of the ticket returned and she will buy another tickets back home. I am sure that the whole group of victims are really tired and exhausted as they did not really sleep the whole night, waiting for a miracle to come. What’s happened to Malaysians?!
This is the truth of what’s happened to Mein & I since the starting of 2007. More to come? I’m not sure. But what I’m hoping for is a smoother way to go through 2007.

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