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Generation Gap

CNY is going to end. 15 days… a short yet long period. According to Chinese customs, visiting friends & relatives is a regular practice. Bringing a bag of food and fruits (mandarin oranges to be precise) is not a rear thing to do.

During the first day itself, my family & I paid a visit to a relative and found out an old-fashion telephone in the house, which is actually working and I am sure this kind of phone is no longer in the production anymore. It’s actually an “antique” as I wish to call it.

Why so? Well, for those who were born in the 80’s, I think they might still have the chance to see and use this kind of phones, as I did during my younger years… (ok, when I was a kid!) I still remember the way to call someone is to dial each and every number by making circles from the starting point of the number to the end of the circle and back.

My young cousin saw the phone and asked, “What is this?”

“A telephone!”, I answered.

He was curious as he has not seen it before until that day. I told him this phone was just an ordinary phone like what we are using currently which the numbers are pressed or pushed by fingers. My cousin laughed. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a photo of the phone & my cousin. I have a name for the picture. I call it “Generation Gap”

In my mind, questions popped out. If this kind of phones can be substituted by the ones that we are using now, what kind of phones that we will be using in the future? Hmm… Any idea?

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