Food & Drink

Home-made Fruit Wine

Got to know from a colleague of Mein this way to produce wine. Simple & easy.
1. Prepare grapes, lemon & blocked brown sugar and also a jar which can be closed air-tight.
2. Cut the items into small pieces.
3. Put a layer of grapes in the jar.
4. Followed by a layer of slices of lemons.
5. Followed by a layer of cut blocked brown sugar.
6. Repeat Step 3-5 until the jar is full.
7. Close the jar air-tight and leave it for 20 days.
8. After 20 days, pour the liquid out into a cup & drink.
According to Mein’s colleague, this wine is good for health as it contains fruit enzyme & vitamins. Please also note that grapes and be subsituted with any other fruits like apple, pear, cucumber, or even mango! They will give you different taste. Pictures will be uploaded soon…
Here are the photos as promised

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