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Fake-sters in Paddock Lounge

BMW Paddock Lounge! What an experience… Not everyone can enter this “exclusive” lounge. Working in my current company has given me endless opportunity to experience various excitement – driving 5 different types of  BMW, driving Mini’s & yesterday, entering the “exclusive” Paddock lounge in the Pit Lane Park held in Jalan Binjai (somewhere near KLCC).

Well, drinking bottomless alcoholic drinks and eating “strange” food, in small portion is the most memorable experience in the lounge. In shortly one and half hour, I’ve drank beer, champagne, red wine & cocktail (vodka lychee). Well, nothing much besides that. Oh ya! Seeing a few local celebs is also another thing worth mentioning – Soong Ai Ling, Natasha Hudson, Stephanie Chai & any other non-celebs-acting-like-celebs kind of people. Wow! What a view!!! I’m not very sure what actually is the purpose of having this kind of function every now and then but I know that it helps those who are doing business… I can see people exchanging business cards… (as if their names will be stick into their mind…)… I’m sure they’ve forgotten one another by now. Haha! Fake-sters!!!


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