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Food Review @ Flamenco

Just got back from Flamenco… Won a RM50.00 voucher to dine there and here we come to invade the restaurant!!! Indeed it’s one of the recommended restaurants in the country by Tatler’s. The food there is delicious and it has all it takes to become one of the best restaurants in Malaysia – the environment, the service and the “PRICE”…

There was a table across our table with middle-aged uncles and aunties, talking about their experiences in London, Melbourne & where ever they’ve been to… Mein & I were there enjoying listening to their conversation. How I wish to become one of them in the coming future – enjoying life with a group of close friends in a good environment with good food and drink.

Anyhow, Mein & I ordered our food, drink and dessert. Mein ordered Fettuccini with Lamb Tenderloin in Black Pepper while I had Linguini with Scallops & Salmon Slices. We ordered just one drink, Snowy Mango and a dessert, Chocolate Indulgence.

What I liked about my dish is the sauce. It was extremely rich with cheese taste and creamy. Yum! Yum! What I didn’t like about it was the salmon. They were not really cooked. They still have the fishy taste. Overall, the dish was good but could be better if the fish were more cooked.

For Mein’s dish, what she liked about it was the lamb was tasty and not too hard to bite. The meat were marinated long enough but they still has the mutton taste in them. What she sis not like about the dish was the pasta was too thick and its got a heavy floury taste. The black pepper taste was strong too!

The drink, Snowy Mango was nice. The ice was shaved tiny enough that it melts right after being put in the mouth. As for the dessert, it’s one of the best dessert we’ve ever tasted before. The taste and excitement of the dish are indescribable in words. A recommended dessert indeed!



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