Trip to Hong Kong & Macau

A lot of my friends asked : "How’s your trip to Hong Kong & Macau?"
My respond will be "Excellent!!!".
Truely enough, we really enjoyed ourselves in HK & Macau… especially in HK Disneyland. It’s like a dream come true kind of experience… Mickey Mouse and his friends were actually moving and jiggling around "live in-person" while most of the time previously, they were all in the TV only. For me, it’s a real good feeling… At the end of the trip to Disneyland, there was the 10-mins firework show at the Sleeping Beauty castle and it’s so beautiful!!! Nothing can replace my memories in HK Disneyland up till today… It’s the best experience and trip I’ve ever have… More over, I had it with the love of my life.
Well, besides Disneyland, we too enjoyed ourselves in multimedia lighting performance in Victoria Harbour. It’s such a spectacular scene and I will always remember how the lights on a building got coordinated with the sound effects and there were such a big crowd there waiting for the show prior to the starting time. Traveling around by MTR is also very convenient unlike how it is in the home country. I just loved how the trains come to the station promptly without fail.
The only thing we have problem was finding food with no pork. As a consumer who do not eat pork, it’s hard to find food without pork in HK. Even their McD’s have pork sausage muffins. But, of course, we managed to survived through the hardship. Talking about food, throughout the whole trip, we always order one plate of food and share because the portion of the food in HK are always enough for the two of us! Nice huh?! Another tip to save!
Took a lot of photos in HK… We actually went to look for its mosque and it looks absolutely different from those found in Malaysia. Also visited their local post office and purchased a set of stamps as souvenir for myself.
On the other hand, Macau was not as exciting. It’s rather dull for us who are not into gambling. There are casinos all over Macau and other than that, nothing else. Well, at least to my expectation. However, it’s a place where produces good food like almond cookies and Portuguese egg-tarts. Very tasty!!!
Also a lot of my friends asked me about the budget. Well, for me (as usual as a smart consumer), I spent less than MYR 2,000.00 for each of us for the whole trip. I’m really glad that I have a thrifty partner who can actually cooperate and spend wisely with me.

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