All about a DVD Player and Carrefour

Went to Carrefour to shop last weekend and saw a DVD Player which was being displayed on one of the shelves. The selling price is RM 89.90 only. Very cheap as it’s multifunction player. Besides playing normal CD, VCD and DVD, it can read USB devices. It’s cheap for something like this.
Being keen to purchase the item, I brought the device to one of the staff there and she asked if there is anymore stock left. Frankly speaking, how would I know if there is anymore stock left? All I know is that I’m interested to buy the DVD player. She referred to her colleagues and found out that they do not have any more stocks left and because of this, they would not be able to sell it to me. I was like, "WHAT?! I’m paying for it and now you say you don’t sell it to me?!"
"If it’s not for sale, why do you put it on the shelf?" I asked.
"IT’S FOR DISPLAY" – what an intelligent answer.
Fine! I put back the player to its original place. And I saw another male staff walking by. I asked him again if they still have stock in the store room for sale. He said its all sold out and the one on the shelf is not for sale.
"Then why do you put it there?"
"IT’S FOR DISPLAY" – he answered the same way the lady gave me earlier on.
"Haha… lawaknya!" (literally translated – "Haha… what a joke!")
I was dumb-found and I do not want to make a noise anymore.

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