A Visit to KL Bird Park

Finally! I went to the KL Bird Park last week. It was a great experience as it was way much better than I have expected. We went there with Chee Fah & Jenny.

The entrance fee for locals is RM12.00 while for foreigners, the charges is RM30.00. No comment on the price difference!

Well, we had lunch at the Hornbill Restaurant there, where they serve local cuisine. The nasi lemak I had was good, especially the sambal sotong. But we dislike the fruit juice though. They add too much water and made it feel tasteless.

Anyhow, we found out that there are a lot of different species of hornbills and parrots. Having an interest in snapping photos, my hand was “attacked” by a hornbill when I was trying to take its photo. Its beaks were too hard and it nearly knocked down my camera. Luckily it did not. But at last, I managed to take its photo and it’s clear and beautiful.

There are various of rare species of birds which we rarely see in the city. Chee Fah made a joke that a crow should be placed in the rare species sanctuary. Haha!

At 3:00PM, we managed to catch the bird show and had fun there. Although the comment was that the show was not fully demonstrated/ performed in English (where it should be since it’s a tourist hot spot), everyone had fun. Who cares about the man when you can actually see the birds… Oopss…!

Anyhow, we got caught in a heavy rain when we were just about the leave the park. In a nutshell, it’s a good experience to all of us!

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