I also have a feeling of missing this place called PENANG. Don’t know why but the feeling is just there. I’ve always miss Komtar, Prangin Mall, Kek Lok Si, Gurney Drive, Ghee Hiang, Eight Row steamboat, morning dimsum, Tanjung Bungah, Batu Ferringghi, Felicia, Mein’s house, Mein’s family and everything about Penang. Always wanted to go there again to relax. Maybe it’s because everytime going back to Penang, I don’t feel the stress at work. I don’t see the busy hustle in KL. I feel very much relax there. I just wish that I can spend more time there. Therefore, Mein will have more time to spend with her family and I would have more time to enjoy. The food, the air & the water… The only one thing that I still find it difficult to cope with is the Hokkien language. BUT now I know how to understand it by listening to other’s conversation. Bad enough, I am still not able to speak the language. Embarrassed
(Everytime I go back, Mein’s brother, Hong Wai will have to be “kicked out” as he would be kind enough to let Mein & I have his room while he has to stay overnight at his girlfriend’s house. I really appreciate his kind gesture! Thanks man!)

penang%20bridge2  penang-ferry-georgetown  Penang-kekLokSiTemple-Stan-LeeTP  penang-komtar

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