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Non Medical Representative

I had my first chance to become a non-medical rep (NMR) for the company to pick up a patient from Medan and send him to Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC). I’ve always wanted to become a NMR for a long time. Well, I had to take a monorail to KLIA and wait for the patient in the arrival hall. After he’s arrived, brought him to take the limo pick up arranged by my fellow colleagues to SJMC. I felt so excited throughout the whole journey.
I have found something that not everyone has the chance to do. I still remember having an ambition to become a doctor or nurse when I grew up. Eventually the dream is now a fairy tale but at least in the company that I’m working at now, I have got the chance to work with doctors & nurses. I can now coordinate medical related cases to help patients. The feeling is much better than becoming a doctor myself. I salute my colleagues who has been in the team for so long. They are simply the best people that I have worked with. What I can see in them is to help others (those whom you do not know) without any conditions. Way to go!
Here are some photos I took throughout the journey using my new mobile – trying out the gadget. It’s a birthday present from my beloved dear:Nokia 3110 Classic.
Image005 Image006 Image009 Image011 Image012 Image013 Image014

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