Stardust – a must watch!

Mein and I attended the preview of “Stardust” in KLCC last Wednesday and I found out that it is a very good movie! Well, at least for its kind of genre. It’s very different from Narnia, the-ever-dragging Lord of the Ring trilogy or the-ever-boring Harry Porter never-ending-logy.


It was an event to preview of Jimmy Choo “Stardust” Limited Edition shoe. To me, it’s just another socializing kind of event for the not-so-rich-but-rich and not-so-famous-but-famous group of people.


Well, Mein & I indeed enjoyed the movie very much. We loved the starting, the ending, the whole story line and the love story between Tristan and Yvaine, the star, the eagerness of the magical witches to capture the star and the funny Captain Shakespeare who is so keen to keep Tristan and Yvaine safe. It’s a “must watch” movie for everyone.


Oh, for your information the ending will end like this… “And they lived happily ever after…”


Image001  Image002  Image003  Image005 

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