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What’s going on?

Have not been updating the blog for quite some time. Well, actually there are a lot to share. It’s just that I do not have the time. Let me briefly update what have happened in my life since last update…
1) Bought a house in Bukit Jalil @ Kinrara Mas. The loan agreement has yet to be settled. The lawyer is just delaying the whole process. Hopefully can settle before 1 Feb – the date the developer is billing me. If not, I’ll have to write a letter to waive for whatever penalty charges that the bank is going to charge later. I just hate the lawyer for being to slow. It’s the appointed lawyer by the developer. It’s so unfair! But anyhow, the house will be ready in end of 2009. Let’s cross our fingers.
2) Got my first published article in a magazine – Plan Your Own Holiday magazine issue Jan/Feb 2008. It’s about my trip to Taiping. I went to Taiping with Mein on her birthday. It’s a surprise trip for her where she is not being told where we were going when we started our journey. Until have way, I told her that we were going to Taiping. She was so happy and surprised. On her birthday itself (after staying a night in Taiping), another surprise was that I fetched her back to Penang without letting her know in advance. Her parents were shocked and surprised as well! We had dinner at Tao Cuisine – steamboat.
3) Mein flew to China for a week starting from 24 – 31 Dec 07. My worst Christmas ever. No celebration and no loved one being with… Sad She was sent by her company to lead a tour.
4) My workload has been added and taking over some reporting jobs from my Assistant Operation Manager. But I do not see any increment just yet. Crossing fingers again.
Roughly, these are all that have been happening lately… 

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