Food & Drink

Delicious-ly Tasted!

Having an outing with my colleagues in Delicious @ Marc Residence was definitely one of the best experience I had. I felt welcomed once I reached the front door of the restaurant and the environment is very cozy and comfortable. The service there was also up to the standard but of course, as a customer, I always expect more that can be done, akin complimentary desserts, discount vouchers and etc etc. It was a good dinner for all of us that we all enjoyed ourselves there. The combination of colour contrast of the furniture, interior deco and the seating arrangement were cleverly handled. (But one question : what are the bird cages doing in the restaurant? )
I had Roasted Duck Red Curry with Lychee and a glass of chocolate shake. Simply Marvellous! The duck curry was so milky and was served with their specially cooked rice and a small portion of pomelo salad. The food there was basically affordable for a place like this. Overall, the food there, as suggested by the name itself was DELICIOUS.
You may want to try their English Fish & Chips, Pan-Seared Crispy Skin Salmon, Marsala Lambshank, Spicy Seafood Spaghettini, Thai Seafood Spaghettini, Pan-Seared Cod and Smoked Salmon Quiche. The pasta dishes come in big portion. If you are a “not-so-big-eater”, you may want to share the plate with your partner.
As for drink, the do have a few which are worth mentioning as they do put in their effort and innovation in having one-of-a-kind drink akin the Watermelon Lychee Blast, Mango, Lychee and Kaffir, Bananacoco Smoothies and etc etc. They also serve some more down-to-earth drinks like the chocolate shake, iced chocolate, English tea and beer. By the way, they do serve wine as well.
I am definitely going to this place again. I may be overly-rated this restaurant but not-so-bad if you compliment somebody once a while when they actually deserve it, right?! Wink
Check them out at
Enjoy the pictures tho…
BTW, farewell to Jeffrey. All the best in your future undertaking and keep in touch!

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