Food & Drink

Star Village in OUG

Dedicating this blog to Keng Ping in conjunction of her birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, KENG PING!!!
This round, we had it in Star Village in OUG. It’s not very difficult to find this place. It’s the last/first unit along Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3 (the row behind Steven’s Corner). They serve good western food. The environment there was quite ok. I liked it because we were placed in a corner which was very suitable for our whole group chit chatting and laughing at ourselves. Hahaha!
THe meal that I had was really good. I had the Chicken Combo Set which comes with a very big prawn and a cup of ice lemon tea. Price was only RM29.90. Not expensive for this dish. There were also various kind of western dishes akin the Black Pepper Sauce Chicken Chop, Special Chicken Chop, Thai Style Mango Chicken and french fries. The price was rather reasonable.
Before our food were served, the waiter brought us a basket of table game for us to play. It’s really challenging to put together and separate back two specially shaped steels. Don’t believe me?! Come try it yourself…
Here, we have updated each other about our latest situation; job, life, plan, and trips. I really love the story by Mei Leng and Chi Hong about their trip in Taiwan and their stay in hotels there.

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