My Trip to Kuantan

Almost two and a half hour for me to drive from KL to Kuantan – to be exact, to Swiss Garden Resort and Spa. It’s my first time driving heading to the East coast. Passed by Genting, Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Temerloh, Kuala Lipis and Gambang.
Reaching the resort, we quickly checked in and unloaded our luggages. THen, drove back out to the town to look for lunch. Found a kopitiam, Kemaman Kopitiam. Price – reasonable (but it’s like pricing in KL), food – variety of choices (more than in KL) and taste – not up my expectation (KL is better). Anyway, it’s very surprising to find a company like Kemaman Kopitiam to have their own branding. They have branches and packages of instant coffee, cookies, dodols, tea bags and etc. The decoration looks similar like any other kopitiams in town. Nothing special.
Back to the hotel, we went to the pool in the evening and had good relaxing time in the jacuzzi. Really enjoyed ourselves there. So relaxing and comfortable.
A brief walk along the beach was great as well. There were a group of youngsters playing beach volleyball.
In the evening, we drove out further to a restaurant by the sea side called, River Seafood Restaurant. As usual, we are having pure local Malay seafood cuisine. We ordered a roasted sting ray (ikan pari bakar), cuttlefish tomyam (tomyam sotong) and a dish of telur bistik (fried egg with meat & mixed vegetable in tomato sauce). Taste sooooo good! Being a fan of local Malay food, I really love the food. Price is… CHEAP! Only spent RM24.20 for the both of us. Cukup pedas dan rasa.



Overall, the trip was too short but yet enjoyable. We bought a packet of lemang with a bowl of rendang ayam. (glutinous rice and coconut milk cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick with a bowl of chicken rendang). Taste so traditional! Open-mouthed

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