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Layered Cakes from Sarawak

My friend, Zilah, just came back from Kuching two weeks ago and  brought back a special and unic souvenir for all of us in the office – LAYERED CAKES. Yum! Yum! We know these cakes are expensive here in KL as they are very difficult to make and time consuming and people are selling the cakes as of selling their precious time. We got to know from my friend that the factory or we call it the manufacturer actually takes order from KL and do delivery via PosLaju to us directly.

What more? We all started to place order as they are really delicious and looking at the brochure, they do provide a very wide variety of choices. I selected the “Cheese Ice Cream”, “Lapis Coklat Cheese” and “Lapis Coklat Madu Belang”. I have tasted the “Lapis Rempah” and “Lapis Masam-Manis” brought back by my friend. My personal favourite – “Lapis Masam-Manis”… simply irresistable!

One day later, the cakes arrived in a box and ta-da! My cakes are ready to be served.

CIMG6574 Lapis Coklat Madu Belang CIMG6578 Lapis Coklat Cheese

CIMG6579 Lapis Ice Cream Cheese  CIMG6571 “The 3 musketeers”

After surveying around, the cakes may easily cost more than RM20.00 each but I have got them much cheaper! Cost-saving when you deal with the manufacturer direct! Only RM17.00 each. (RM10.00 for the cake and RM7.00 for the delivery charges) Reasonable what?!

They also have a lot more choices like “Lapis India”, “Lapis Blueberry”, “Sutera Ungu”, “Lapis 3 Rasa”, “Lapis Alunan Ombak” and many more. The price may vary from each type of cakes but we find it cheaper to request for delivery direct from the manufacturer. The most outstanding for me are the “Lapis Cindai” (named after Siti Nurhaliza’s evergreen song) and “Lapis Puncak Kasih” (named after Ziana Zain’s famous song). We had good laughs in the office acting out the way of the singers’ singing styles, imagining if that would ever happen to someone after eating the cakes. Hahaha! 

Contact details to the manufacturer :
Address : 40, Kampung Gersik, 93050 Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak
Tel : 082-445040 / 082-371348
HP : 019-8777220

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